Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My new venture is born - AHATAXIS.com

Lots of my family, friends and followers were wondering where I was for last few months and what I was doing all this while? No, I did not go to Bangkok for a rejuvenating trip ;-) I was silently working on something. So here is what I wish to share with all of you - my new venture is born! It is called


Here is a video that explains how it works:

The concept was born last year when I had made a family trip to Bhopal, and the waitlisted train ticket to Delhi got canceled. Flight was expensive, buses not available and taxi guys asked me for return fare, which means I had to pay double if I wanted to book a taxi. Charges of Bhopal to Delhi as well as Delhi to Bhopal will be for me to bear. Well, this is the way it has been happening all across India, ever since we have been traveling on the road. I did not realize it is such a huge problem until it started affecting me personally.

Few more months were spend in talking to more friends, people who travel intercity frequently, many drivers and tour operators. And then we decided to take a plunge. I got Vikas Taneja, my senior from IIT Delhi as a co-founder, and things started to take shape. He is a technology visionary and rapidly put things in place for us to hit the ground in terms of technology readiness. He got us Mohit, a senior techie who is a genius in stitching together front end and back end frameworks, while making sure it is all scalable for the future. We hired a team of web developers, an HR Manager (Meera, ever so diligent and supportive) and took few ups, downs, turns and breaks to finally get the website and mobile app ready.

Some more work had to be done offline, while getting on board reliable driver partners who have an experience of driving long distance, have good knowledge of key routes as well as know how to treat customers well.

Now, we are good to go. We have started with servicing key routes to and from Delhi NCR like Delhi to Jaipur, Delhi to Agra, Delhi to Shimla, and few more including, Manali, Kullu, Nainital. We are quietly working at our AHA Labs to get more awesome things for our consumers, and will keep them delighted.

It is early days, and we will definitely need all the wishes from you. So next time someone wants to travel outstation, please tell them about AHA!

Here are a few links you may share with your network:

Website - www.ahataxis.com

Thanks for being a patient reader, and wish you more awesomeness in life.