Thursday, November 20, 2014

Scholar or doer - does India have too many digital marketing Gurus?

Every time you log on to linkedin you find even more creative designations - visionary entrepreneur, Think Tank, Growth Strategist, Early Stage Mentor, Digital Ninja and what not! With the expansion of the digital world and more people coming online in the last decade, digital marketing has increased manifolds. But at the same time nobody knows the ins and outs of how to go about doing things on social or search networks.

joker mind loss - Oh you post daily on FB account! You must a Digital Marketing Guru ;-)

This is where I define the so called gurus as SCHOLARS - and it seems there are more scholars in this sector than there are doers! Let me give you a basic comparison of Google search on various keywords below:

Digital Marketing Jobs in India - About 2,98,00,000 results (0.49 seconds)
Digital Marketing Agency in India - About 1,07,00,000 results (0.51 seconds) 
Digital marketing Professionals in India - About 97,10,000 results
Digital marketing Experts in India - About 47,40,000 results
Here are few observations, with obvious disclaimers:
1. There is 1:3 ratio of professionals available to job openings
2. There are more agencies than there are professionals in the sector - God knows who runs these agencies!
3. Experts:Professionals ratio is 1:2, implying every 2nd person is an expert or so he/she claims.
Few years back, I used to think about entrepreneurship as sex - more people talk about it and less people do it, and 
slowly I am starting to form the same opinion about digital marketing :-) Few days back, I read the same thing about Sanskrit - there
are more people who talk about it than people who actually speak it. We do not want the opportunity that digital marketing gives for job to our
youth and the nation to be frittered away. Let us create more doers and have more people actually learn the tips, tricks, hacks of search, social, video, affiliate and 
how it can benefit customers as well as entrepreneurs across the world. Software services sector is at a maturity level, and the next level of IT services in India will 
come from outsourcing services and building products aligned to digital.
Let us truly "Make in India", and not just "Talk in India". Jai Hind!