Thursday, August 28, 2014

My first video talking about our digital marketing programs

It was a great day for me when I shot a one-take video without script without rehearsal to share my thoughts about Nurture Talent's digital marketing workshop. Do view, like and share the same and encourage my acting skills! For taking part in our workshops, please visit

We have send an email of this video and invite to our workshops to selected users via Vidoomail, thanks to the team for providing us the tools to do it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How inflation and taxes hit IITians?

This story is of 15 years old incident that happened when I was a poor IITian :-) IIT Delhi was the most strategic location at that time - if you get out of hostel and go straight, you could hit Chanakya cinema, take left and reach the heavenly PVR Priya (now old fashioned but futuristic at our times), go right and few kms away was PVR Anupam. We were spoilt with choice - and options ranged from Rs 5 ticket at PVR to Rs 20 ticket at Chanakya! Wow, what a world it was.
We used to stand in queue for mess food 5 minutes before it started at 7 PM, gulp few stuff which was bearable in 5 minutes, and rush on our bicycles to the theatres. It did not matter what day it was or what movie it was. We just had to rush!
Reaching the theatre after cutting all the traffic was an easy part - finding a place where we could "PARK" our bicycles without paying a parking fees of 1 Rs was the tough part ;-) We used to have a bargain deal with some parking contractors if we were able to negotiate.
What next - stand in queues for the tickets. There were 2 slab of tickets - 5 Rs for 1st and 2nd row, 100 Rs for 3rd row onwards till balcony. What a fight it was, and shameless folks getting down from their BMWs to stand in a 5 Rs ticket line were competing with us. And then there were girls who we hated as much as we could - they had a separate smaller line, and their boyfriends used to just have fun while making faces at us poor folks. IIT Delhi was competing with the JNUs and DUs of the world in this line.
Ticket window used to open for 5 minutes, then the line will move fast till the 20 odd tickets were sold, and then we used to desperately wait for the next show to come up. Rarely did we get tickets in the first cycle, but rarely did we come back without watching a movie.
It was a wonderful life, till Delhi government or some other department or who knows who decided to increase ticket prices. We got hit by 16% price hike. The ticket price reached a ridiculously high Rs 6 - inflation hit us hard! How could do this to us poor students? We questioned our very existence that day.
And then some intelligent IITian came up with a logic that brought smiles on our face - our ticket went up from 5 to 6 Rs but look at those BMW and Merc waalas - their ticket went up from Rs 100 to Rs  120. We were more happy with their miseries than with our pain :-)
Today, when I pay Rs 250 for a ticket and 100 for a popcorn, I can't forget that was a year full of our movie quota. Those were the days! Hail inflation!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Confluence IIM Ahmedabad and Nurture Talent associate to promote entrepreneurship across colleges

Confluence IIM Ahmedabad and Nurture Talent have decided to partner for promoting entrepreneurship skills across colleges in India this year. The series will start with workshops for students across leading colleges and end with a Grand Finale during Masterplan Business Plan competition at IIM Ahmedabad.

After a successful association in 2012, this is the 2nd time both have come together and here is the plan:

1. Nurture Talent in association with Confluence IIM Ahmedabad will be conducting entrepreneurship and  business plan skill building workshops across leading colleges and universities. In this 1 day workshop, students including engineering, MBA, undergrad courses etc. will gain great experience and knowledge of generating new ideas, starting a venture, raising finance and related areas. They will get joint certificate by these 2 leading bodies in entrepreneurship and also a startup study kit to further hone their business plans.
2. After the workshop, students will be equipped to apply online for Masterplan Business Plan competition, which is the flagship event of Confluence IIM Ahmedabad. Top 30 teams shortlisted by IIM A faculty, judges, mentors, angel investors, incubators and industry specialists will be invited to grand finale which will happen in November last week at IIM Ahmedabad campus.
3. Winners among top 30 teams will be selected based on their project presentations, and be eligible for 5 lakhs of prize money, in addition to getting relevant exposure to best talents and best advise for their ideas and future. Crores of funding is at stake, so only the best will win, but everyone who takes part in the program right from workshop to finals gains a lot. Even participating colleges and their faculty will get certificates as well as invite to the prestigious event.

Last time NTA and Confluence IIM Ahmedabad came together, over 4000 students from 50+ colleges had the privilege to take their first steps in being entrepreneurial, and were able to get internships, job opportunities in startups, and start their own ventures. We wish history not only gets repeated, but also surpassed and we are able to create a huge impact for the country.

If you wish your college to be a part of this prestigious program, just visit and apply -

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Entrepreneurial skills of VIT University students take a boost in IEYS workshop by Nurture Talent

I had a great time helping the engineering and MBA students of VIT University Vellore Tamil Nadu take their first step towards entrepreneurship journey. Enthusiasm could be felt even before I entered the auditorium as half the coordinators team were there to receive me at the main guest house at 11.30 in the night.

Over 150 students were part of the workshop which covered aspects like idea generation, business plan, digital marketing, raising funds and evaluating potential of students. Few teams volunteered to present their ideas and got immediate queries and feedback from their friends.

Here are few pics of the college workshop:

Students resolved to help Nurture Talent Academy achieve our vision of creating 1000 startups and 20000 jobs. After the workshop, students will be applying with their business plans and ideas for participating in IEYS 2014 business plan competition Endeavor - Road to Success, which will be held in VIT University campus during last week of September 2014.

It was great to interact with the team of VIT which was very caring and took nice care of my hospitality, and I ended the way with a visit to Golden Temple in Vellore (no cameras allowed there so no pics can be posted :-( but it was a truly spiritual and calming experience. We were to reach just in time for Darshan in night, and avoid 3 hour long rush during normal hours.

VIT University also has a huge incubator with companies from Chennai/Bangalore etc. preferring to get incubation support with added advantage of a huge students base to work for them as interns and team members. I also met the VC, Dean of MBA School, and many other faculty members who were all enthusiastic about the entrepreneurship workshop for their students.

And finally, "I will be back"!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Nice learning and sharing in Advanced Social Media Marketing Workshop by Nurture Talent

Team Nurture Talent had a great time in the workshop on advanced social media marketing in Delhi, where professionals and entrepreneurs from different industries came together for gaining some practical experience on how to increase sales using social media.

Check out few tips on twitter by searching #socialmediahack, it could be useful for your project.

Here is a short summary from a participant who made notes and shared for benefit of everyone:

And here is a memorable pic of all of us together after the certificate distribution:

We have more workshops on related areas across India, if you or your friends are interested, visit

Monday, August 4, 2014

Starpreneur Facilitator Program – Call for Entries

Do you want to grow your network and contribute towards building India's entrepreneurial ecosystem? Here is your chance to associate with Nurture Talent Academy's community of Starpreneurs.

About Starpreneur

Starpreneur Facilitator Program is an initiative by Nurture Talent Academy for young minds from around India who are passionate about entrepreneurship. Selected facilitators will take part in online and offline activities including attending workshops, conferences, blogging, social media, while contributing for their personal as well as social benefits.
1. Opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills, and network with successful industrialists and entrepreneurs
2. Connect and network with talented, brilliant and positive people from across India
3. Attend technology and business related training events for free, and get mentoring from peer group
4. Receive certificates of recognition, which will help you succeed in your future
5. Work with ecell of IIMs, earn invites to exclusive business plan competitions, esummits, conferences etc.

Duration: August 2014 to December 2014
Eligibility: Students, professionals and startups are eligible, Only 50 spots are available, apply now.
Last date to apply – 15th August, 2014
Please fill this form and we will contact you by email or phone if you are shortlisted for interview. Once selected, we will train you on relevant skills for free and provide free inputs time to time.

* This program is completely free for participants and there is no fees to apply or after you get selected.

Click To Apply

Friday, August 1, 2014

Inaugural MBA batch of Shiv Nadar University takes first step in entrepreneurship

Shiv Nadar University, build in a sprawling campus in Dadri, near Greater Noida saw some entrepreneurial action on 30-31st July, when its 1st year MBA students went through an experiential 2 - day workshop on idea generation and business plan. Dr Shekhar Chaudhuri, Director, School of Management and Entrepreneurship and ex-Director of IIM Calcutta, in his brief opening address told the students, "Being entrepreneurial is as important as being an entrepreneur."

This was followed by 2 days of journey where, I (Amit Grover, Founder of Nurture Talent), took the students through lots of exercises, games, presentations, so they could arrive at a feasible idea and business plan. Finally, all the students promised that they will use their 2 years of MBA studies to shape and execute their ideas to be able to launch them as soon as possible - some before and some after they pass out of the university! Prof Pradeep Sharma and Prof Partha Sarthy Roy did final evaluation of the students ideas, which were well appreciated by all.

Check out the memorable pics of the program below, and if you wish to have a program for your college students, you can send an email to

If you are a student, professional or startup and interested in entrepreneurship, digital marketing, technology related workshops, check out for more.