Monday, July 28, 2014

Few thoughts and business rules for myself

I have been getting loads of requests like:

1. I want to meet u personally to discuss my ideas or product or some stuff
2. Give me feedback or advise on my plans
3. Get me a Co founder or some team member or post my job opening on ur social networks
4. Come to my college for a guest talk
5. Connect me to vc or angels
6. Take a look at my business plan
7. Give me contacts of colleges so I can sell them my products and services
8. Refer me for a job
9. Be a mentor for our company
10. Can we add ur name to our company presentation and present to investors

Mostly I have done these as a favor and sometimes for a fees in the past, while managing Nurture Talent Academy at a sustainable level.

Now onwards, all this will be for a fees only - pls don't send messages like:
1. we r startups so we don't hv money so we cant give u
2. Any startup discount?
3. Let's barter
4. Take equity
5. U should value relationships more than money
6. X y z are doing it for free so why u don't do it
7. I just want to talk on phone
8. It will only take few minutes
9. Give me a sample or demo
10. Do this for free and we will give u future business or references

Soon I will be sharing links where potential customers can pay and awail of such services.

And some people will still send odd requests for free services but just that they should not feel bad or shocked when they get a no or the bill!

Also note that few things that are free will continue to be like Startupyatra, this blog and NTA blog where I share few tips and experiences, youtube channel with entrepreneurship videos etc.