Thursday, July 3, 2014

10 reasons people give not to buy what we sell

This post is a result of many frustrating yet learning experiences - it has been 4.5 years since I started my entrepreneurship journey, with the sole aim to enable more startups out of India.

I have seen many ups and downs (rather more downs, no's, rejections), and here I wish to share what are the reasons and excuses people give for not buying what we sell (training workshops and events for college students, professionals and startups):

1. "I do not have time for all this stuff, you know, I am busy with my job. If this was happening on weekend or weekdays or during breakfast, lunch or dinner...I could have tried. And we did all this in MBA. And just give me an hour of your personal time so I can ask you things without letting other people know what I do not know."

2. "I cannot travel so far, see I have to take a metro and it is so hot these days and it so cold other days, and it is raining some other time."

3. "I cannot pay you now or tomorrow or ever in future, I have "cash crunch", I have to spend money on other things, not my self-development."

4."Our college has already charged the students 600000 a year fees, so we cannot tell students to pay 1100 Rs for your training program."

5. "We have exams or holidays scheduled in our college, so we cannot have any other training or activity these days. We have to complete our course as per university guidelines, otherwise our college will fire us. We will do in next semester."

6. "You are running Nurture Talent, so you should not be money-minded. We will give you publicity by inviting you to our college for a guest lecture, then take your pictures then put your name in our placement and admission brochures to show that we have guest faculty from IIT-IIM."

7. "Our students are from rural background, this entrepreneurship and all is for the big shots in big cities."

8. "Can you do a free lecture? Our students will just sit and listen, they will not take part in your workshop. Just give them a SMALL certificate at the end!"

9. "Do something long term, like a 2 year MBA in entrepreneurship, and keep it free by getting sponsors and add an incubator cum accelerator cum venture fund cum office space cum accounting cum legal cum HR cum consulting cum mentoring to your offering."

10. "I will call you back"

And then there are people who will turn up any time, any day, any where, at any cost and for any thing - those are the ones who keep me going.

As a reader, you must be wondering if such people convert to paying customers after you have handled sales objections, reduced price or offered new and different alternatives - NO. There is a difference between people who want to buy with few changes and other people who will not take even if you sell gold for free.

Just move on, find new customers and spend time with your loved ones.