Monday, April 28, 2014

Announcing Great Indian Marketing Weekend 2014

Script - check, Actors - check, Production - check; Now is the time to say ACTION! We are glad to announce the Great Indian Marketing Weekend, for which we have been working for months now!

Who is this event for?

1. For clients and brand managers who have products and services, and want to sell more
2. For agencies, designers, freelancers and developers who want more clients
GIMW is a sales and marketing event that brings together clients and agencies over a weekend - clients give a problem statement, agencies pitch with their skills and then they team up to work together with mentors and expert workshops to support. After two days, teams present to the awesome panel of judges, resulting in client contracts, great media coverage and peer recognition.

The event has tracks including GIMW Challenge, GIMW Mentors, GIMW Workshops. GIMW Challenge is a marketing hackathon with clients/managers stating problems and agencies/freelancers giving marketing solutions. GIMW Mentors is an awesome panel with marketing genius from companies like Pepsi, Glaxo, Mastercard, Times of India and many more. GIMW Workshops will be learning and training on subjects like growth hacking, raising venture capital, lead generation and zero-budget marketing. There is lots more, but under wraps as of now.

The event is scheduled in mid-June and will be held in a city which the audience votes for. Please visit, and get a chance to be a part of this great marketplace.